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It is usually difficult to describe ourselves. So I will write what my friends say about me. They say that I am very warm-hearted and understanding. I’m very tender. I’m easy to talk to. I do not like to argue and I try to avoid conflicts. I’m very sociable and I’m a good listener at the same time. I adore reading. I like both modern and classic writers. I’m fond of swimming. I like active recreation. I also like painting. Though I do not paint myself, I admire painters and their masterpieces. I adore being photographed. It is a kind of relaxation for me. I like foreign languages. Well, it is not difficult to describe my ideal. He is to be devoted, loving and reliable. I appreciate honesty and openness in men. I’m very sociable and I want to have a sociable man beside me. I like optimistic and humorous men. Of course every girl dreams of having a thoughtful husband. I hope that my beloved will be attentive to my needs.

I am an interesting and fun person with strong yet tender character. I am very family oriented by my nature and I believe in a true love. I used to achieve my goals no matter how hard it can be and I won’t stop till I find my only one beloved person! It is rather hard to mention all of my interests but I will try first of all I adore nature and traveling and there is nothing like spending time on the fresh air for me! I love mountains and therefore I like practicing such a winter activity as skiing. I love sceneries by the water too and I often dream about spending time on the night beach close to some one really special to my heart… Maybe you also have such a dream? I appreciate self education so that I am an avid reader! I like cinematography very much and I go to movies comparatively often. I would like to meet a clever, kind and very masculine man. I see him to be athletic, very active and not lazy. What is also important for me is that I don’t want to be with some one who is too self centered and I would like my future husband to believe in me and give me his support in all my beginnings. Also it is important to say that I don’t see my future with a man who doesn’t want to have children.

The first thing I would like to tell about myself is that I am easy-going, communicative and even-tempered. I am always positive in everything and I try to avoid conflicts and different kind of negative experiences. I never impose myself and try to communicate with people who find me interesting and who feel comfortable with me, even when I am unusual… One of the subjects that are of great interest to me is practical psychology. I also pay great attention to studying the French language. Generally I like nature, walks in the fresh air in any weather. Recently I started learning horse riding. I like examining everything beautiful, as well as cultivating nice and delicious things. I would like to meet a man, who is in harmony with him self and with the world surrounding him.

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